Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Documents To Go

An amazing new application just came out from Windows Mobile 5.0 for Smartphone. This allows the device to finally edit Word, Excel, view PDF's, and support for ZIP files.

This program has been much needed for a very long time. Now you can do everything that a PPC can do without the need of a stylus and with a much smaller device. Got that important document you need to edit? Away from the Office? It doesn't matter anymore you have every ability that your desktop does without having to run back to work.

-Create, view, & edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on your smartphone.

-View PDF files and attachments.

-InTact Technology ensures your files NEVER lose formatting.

-Support for Zip files. Compressed files and attachments can be unzipped on your smartphone. Or simply view all the file names in a compressed Zip archive without extracting each file.

-Password protected Word & Excel files created on your PC can be unlocked and opened on the smartphone. This keeps important files from falling into the wrong hands.

-Make last minute changes or add new slides to your PowerPoint presentations.

-Edit your speaking notes in Notes View of presentations.

-No learning curve! Similar look & feel of the Office programs on your PC.

-Never again get stuck on the road with a file you can’t open, edit, and send off.

Just click on the link below to try before you buy. You get a 30-day free trial and then you can purchase the program for $29.99. Only 30 bucks and you never have to loose money again for lack of productivity.

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Monday, January 08, 2007


Got some stuff I'm gonna be throwing up on here soon just thought I would let everyone know to keep watching. Should have a bunch of cool WM 5.0 applications I'm gonna load.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Traktor DJ Studio 3

Here is an amazing program for anyone that likes music. I have hunted and hunted for a decent DJ mixing program so I could kinda mess around with the idea. I don't plan on working at any Clubs in Vegas or anything, but this is cool.

The program allows you full customization just like a normal mixer board. However you can do all of it from your computer. You are also able to burn playlists of what you have already mixed. Burn the disk and throw it on at a party to see what kind of reactions you get and if you are any good or not.


Programs runs around $150 or so or you can check out a torrent like DEMONOID and try and download a working copy and a keygen. In the meantime get mixing and have fun!

Monday, October 30, 2006


So just cause the computer comes with Microsoft doesn't mean you gotta use everything the Microsoft or Windows makes. Example is Internet Explorer.

I think that IE is probably the crappiest web browser. However, there is a great alternative. Opera is the P.I.M.P. of all web browsers. 100% free and 100% kick-ass.


Download and try. This program will check email, download torrents, compress pages for faster browsing, and allows for full customization. Give it a go!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

NoAdware Version 4

Here is my new favorite freeby from the torrent world.

This is the most all encompassing Anti-Spyware/Pop-up software I have used. And yes it is a legit register program. However, I have a solution and am also giving you kids the keygen including in the same link. I didn't make the torrent but I did take awhile to hunt this link down.


Just put whatever name in the generator you want and make sure it is exactly the same in the registration menu in the program. Punctuation and capitalization is important because that all effects the algorithim used to generate your registry key.



Alright everyone here is a treat! I know I posted some good websites on the previous post for torrents but here is the MACK DADDY site. After looking through the majority of downloads I have, I figured out that this site is the highest recommend and used.


This site will have every torrent you could possibly want.
Registration for new accounts is only allowed on Fridays


Friday, October 27, 2006


I just thought I would share a brief comment on my love of torrents.

BITTORRENTS in my opinion are the newest up and coming greatest addition to downloads on the web. They may have been around for awhile, but not until this last 1-2 years have they really seemed to catch on.

The amount of data uploaded over the last 6 months to a year has seemed to double. This is wonderful. I have no problem paying for anything worth the money. However, $20 a CD or $60 a video that really justified? I believe that torrents are the best solution to being raped by this money driven environment.

Below are some torrent links that should help all you newbs. If you have questions, you can always feel free to EMAIL ME.

Torrent Downloader

Torrent Search Engine

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Google Talk

This is a brand new thing.  Google is giving everyone there version of the Jabber IM service.  It is used in conjunction with you gmail account.  What is it: How to use it:

Symbian UIQ Programs

No matter what phone I am using you all know my heart still belongs to UIQ.

As such, here is a link that all UIQ users need.  To view anything on the page you MUST register but it is free to do so.


This program is a MUST HAVE.  It is available for Palm, PPC, and UIQ.  It is an awesome document reader program.  It allows bookmarks and compresses huge files to minor size.  I am unbiased for programs here, but on a personal note it is 10 out of 10.

The program is a purchase file, but if you email me I can probably hook you up with the crack/keygen.  As a bonus the site has a link for tons of free book downloads for it.

Free books:

Pickem Download for Treo

This app is designed to enhance the quality of the photos taken with the non-MP cam on the Treo 600 and 650.  Doesn't make it MP, but it does up your file from 50kb to 200-300kb.

First link gives you a preview of what photos will look like, middle column.
Second link will give you the program.

O and it is freeware.

Link #1-
Link #2-  

Upoc Mobile Group

If there is a program you need try looking into the HoFoNiteCrew's Mobile Assist group. Just go to or send an SMS to 8762 with join Mobileassist.

If you also need to pass time learn about phones and triple your sms count look into teh HoFoNiteCrew. It is a Upoc group dedicated to everything mobile and there is always someone on.

Zicorp's Decuma Alphabetic

Recently tried this programs on a few Stylus platforms.  It was tested on all currently available platforms, Palm, PPC, and UIQ.  Decuma Alphabetic V.3 is an unreal writing recognition program.  No graffiti, no block recognizing, no stupid symbols.  All you need to do is simply write like you would on a piece of paper with a pen.  This is a 30-day trial you can get and try it.

This program is available for purchase at

Program Cracks

Now this is kind of a touchy topic. Anyone who knows programs with registration required knows that there are cracks available. I am admitting that there have been a crack or two in my program folder.

However, I am neither condoning nor bashing program cracking. If you would like a crack for a program feel frree to email me and I will let you know if I can help you or not.

Remember that these programs that are worth paying for will only keep coming if there is revenue in the companies pockets. This means that even though we may REALLY want that cracked program we still need to pay for some to perpetuate the cycle.

Mobile Phone Retailer

Found a site today for mobile phones that is outrageous priced.  The upside is that it has EVERY phone you can imagine.  Not sure how legit it is but they do offer a lot of prototypes with lots of high price tags.